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Sanwo-Olu Blamed For Death of Student At Iyana Ipaja Okada Ban Riot



Student killed during Okada Ban riot

  • Student killed during Okada ban riot
  • Sanwo-Olu blamed for death during Okada Ban riot
  • Okada Ban riot in Iyana Ipaja

The people of Lagos have blamed Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu for the death of a secondary school student that was hit during the Okada Ban riot in Iyana Ipaja.


“There is a serious riot in Iyana Ipaja and Inside Aboru right now between Okada riders and police officers. A student has been killed! #sanwoolu all of this is on your head,” an aggrieved Lagosian Tweeted.

Jameela News reports that a secondary school student was hit by a stray bullet while Okada riders and police clashed in Iyana Ipaja, over the Okada ban.


According to an online source, the student was sent on an errand by her principal when the area was deeply heated by riot.

Another source claimed that the riot took the life of a tout at Aboru area in Iyana Ipaja.

“So you haven’t heard of the chaos in Iyana Ipaja between bikers, task force and police??


It’s a serious one though. A stray bullet killed a student and a tout that’s my area.

Tear gases everywhere.
They were seizing bikes inside the streets!!!”

Sanwo-Olu Blamed For Death of Student At Iyana Ipaja Okada Ban Riot 4

Meanwhile, Governor Sanwo-Olu has insisted that the ban would be sustained.


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