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Dethroned Emir Sanusi Finally Breaks Silence On Dethronement



Dethroned Emir Sanusi

Dethroned Emir Sanusi Muhammad II has released his first official statement since he was dethroned as Emir by the Kano State Government on Monday, March 9.


Jameela News had reported that the Kano State Executive Council chaired by Governor Abdullahi Ganduje dethroned the outspoken Emir for disrespecting the institution of the Government.

According to a statement signed by the secretary to the Government Usman Alhaji, the Kano State Executive Council unanimously approved the dethronement of Kano Emirate Muhammad Sanusi II.


The statement read: “The Kano State Executive Council under the Chairmanship of his Excellency, the Governor of Kano State, Dr Abdullahi Ganduje, has unanimously approved the immediate removal/dethronement of the Emir of Kano Emirate Muhammad Sanusi II.

“The Emir of Kano is in total disrespect to lawful instructions from the office of the state Governor and other lawful authorities, including his persistent refusal to attend official meetings and programmes organised by the Government without any lawful justification which amounts to total insubordination.

“It is on record and in so many instances Malam Muhammad Sanusi II has been found breaching part 3 Section 13 (a-e) of the Kano State Emirate Law 2019 and which if left unchecked will destroy the good and established image of Kano Emirate.


“This removal is made after due consultation with the relevant stakeholders and in compliance with Part 3 Section 13 of the Kano State Emirate Law 2019 and other reasons stated above.

“The removal was reached in order to safeguard the sanctity, culture, tradition, religion, and prestige of the Kano Emirate built over a thousand years.

“His Excellency, Dr Ganduje calls on the general public to remain calm, law-abiding and to go about their normal businesses. While a new Emir of Kano will soon be appointed.

Sanusi breaks silence on dethronement

Reacting to his dethronement, the deposed Emir who was banished to Awe, a town in Nassarawa has said that he accepts his deposition as his destiny.

“With almost six years on this throne and (in charge of) our heritage. Today, the Almighty Allah, who gave me the leadership has destined to take it back.

“As I always say, leadership has predetermined tenure, the days Allah destined are numbered. When the days come to an end one must leave.

“We have accepted whatever Allah decides. We have agreed. We appreciate (God). We are happy and we know it is what is best for us.”

The statement was originally released in Hausa. See the video below:

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