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Best Happy New Month Messages, Prayers, Wishes For April



Happy New Month

Jameela News has compiled the best happy new month messages, new month wishes and prayers for family members and friends.


This online news platform welcomes our wonderful readers to the month of April, we hope you enjoy the first day of the month joking about the April Fools day.

April is the fourth month of the year, the start of the second quarter and everyone can attest to the fact that 2020 has been full of new things, especially the Coronavirus.


This is the best time to reflect on the events that unfolded at the start of the year and map out strategies to overcome various challenges as we aspire to grow.

Below are the best messages, wishes and prayers to send to your loved ones in this beautiful month.

Best Happy New Months Messages for April:


Happy new month messages

  • This new month is coming to take back all the negativity from the past and shower you with all the positivity in this world to make you your life even more wonderful.
  • This new month of April is an extension of all the positivity you have in you, so carry on your positivity as a new month has come to sweep you away to the land of happiness and joys.
  • Do you know what a new month represents for you? You are getting older and wiser and more mature with every month added to your life.
  • There may have been challenges in the past month that made you feel stranded and unwanted, take this new month as a phase of greatness from the pains you have endured.
  • Believe that you are happy, pretend to be happy and happiness would never depart even when everything falls apart.
  • Time and tide are like seconds to clock, so shall your happiness fall in line, never stop believing.
  • You are a beautiful soul embodied in the best of body, be proud of your beauty and always remember, no one looks in the mirror without finding faults, be content.
  • A broken heart can be mended, the time to heal is now, get up, brush up and most importantly, love yourself.
  • Be grateful for what you have and aspire to be more, the only person you are in competition with is yourself, be better today.
  • Now is the time to see yourself as the best version of you, the days of underrating yourself are over, look past your flaws and appreciate yourself.
  • The new month is a time to pull out the strength in you, be your own boss and meet all your goals.
  • This new month will bring you good things in life. You are way closer to your dreams with the passing of each day. Be happy that you are in a new month. I wish you the best at all time.

Best Happy New Month Wishes

  • Grace is the virtue of the one that always achieves their goals, and I wish you great goal crushing in this New Months. Enjoy the divinity of grace and have a Happy New Month.
  • I wish that in this new month, your pains are your gain, your limitations are the peak of elevation and your growth is imminent.
  • In this New Month, I wish that you are surrounded by positivity and good people, people who would push you to be better than you are and reach the milestone that you have always desired.
  • I wish that you take every challenge with patience, crush all your goals and keep winning.
  • I wish you the strength of a mountain and the serenity of the sea as you keep climbing the ladder of success.
  • Blue is to the sky and grey to the cloud, I wish you sunshine at the end of each struggle, you are doing just fine, never doubt that.
  • I wish you a glorious start in this new month. You did great in the previous month and this would be much better.
  • My darling, I wish that you shine brighter than I see you and surpass all of my expectations for you. May this New Month unveil all its goodness towards you and your family.
  • I wish that all your efforts to not contract the Coronavirus (COVID-19) be sufficient to protect you from the plague, remember there were other diseases before the COVID-19, so this too shall pass.
  • Remember nothing is constant not even the weather, I wish that you flourish in every weather and maintain your smile, no matter how scary it gets.

Best Happy new month prayers

  • I pray that you win, you fly, you conquer and most importantly stay alive to inspire those who look up to you.
  • For every smile, you have shared despite your fear, I pray that you get the compassion of the entire universe and strength from the power of nature.
  • I pray that in this new months, you would be too conscious of your blessings and remain positive about your goals. You shall be surrounded by positivity and be constantly reminded of how awesome you are.
  • Just like going the distance to become better, may every good thing you ever dreamed of be achievable. You shall murder fear and become fearless.
  • I have absolutely nothing to give you in this new month but my warm wishes. So, I pray that God surrounds you with his presence and that you feel it every time you are down.
  • In this month, you shall always be happy and live every day with memories that last a lifetime because I care about you. Happy New Month.
  • May this month be brighter than the morning sun, cute as a butterfly and lovely as you are. Have a fantastic month that compliments your beauty. A happy new month to you.
  • You have been a blessing to me and have been my shining light. I hope and pray that this day, God makes you a shining light to several others and bless you immensely.
  • May your smile be distinct like the star and may you never have any reason to grieve this month.
  • This pandemic called Coronavirus shall not come close to you or your family by the special grace of God.


Please note that these messages are not entirely an original write-up of the author, some of the messages were modified and outsourced from other websites.

Have a happy and prosperous New Month!

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