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COVID-19: US Chicken, Pepsi Banned In China



US Chicken

China: The Chinese government have temporarily banned Tyson Foods, a company that sells US chicken in the capital Beijing.


Jameela News reports that the country also ordered the “temporary” closure of the Pepsi company in the capital as the cases of coronavirus continue to increase.

This online news medium learned from the General Administration of Customs that Tyson food had been “temporarily suspended” because of a virus outbreak at one of the company’s facilities in the capital.


The Government revealed that the company is responsible for about 70 per cent of chicken consumed in Beijing.

A statement from the Chinese Government revealed that new products in the company have also been confiscated.

Similarly, US international food and drinks giants, PepsiCo was also closed after employees of one of its snack-making company recorded several cases of the COVID-19.


The company’s spokeswoman, Fan Zhimin, added that 87 contacts of the COVID-19 cases have been traced and quarantined.

Meanwhile, Jameela News understands that there has been a resurgence of COVID-19 in China, especially in the capital, Beijing.

So far, over 220 persons in the capital have tested positive, with the Government announcing a nationwide campaign to inspect all perishables imported from “high-risk countries”.

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