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Nigerian Woman Destroys Husband’s Reproductive Organ For Cheating



Nigerian woman

A Nigerian woman has reportedly assaulted her husband by damaging his reproductive organ after she allegedly caught him cheating.


Jameela News reports that the woman identified as Omolara Seriki, 35, reportedly destroyed the scrotum of her husband Raheem, 52, at Iragbiji, Boripe area of Osun State.

The Nigerian Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC) in the state told newsmen that the couple who had been married for six years had relationship problems which forced the man to move out of their matrimonial home to an unknown place.


Woman Invades husband’s hideout destroys his scrotum

However, after the wife discovered the hideout of her husband, on Tuesday, June 23, she visited him only to find him in the company of another lady.

This infuriated the woman who began fighting her husband and damaged his scrotum in the process.

“The lady brought food for him around 10 pm but could not go home because of the heavy rain.


“After a while, his wife entered the room and an altercation ensued and the wife grabbed his scrotum. In the process, he fainted and only regained consciousness at the hospital where the damaged scrotum was being sutured,” Adigun, the NSCDC spokesperson told newsmen.

Meanwhile, Jameela News understands that the case is still being investigated.

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