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How To Achieve Your 2021 New Year Resolution



2021 New Year

How to kill procrastination and achieve your 2021 New Year resolutions.


Jameela News understands that over the years a lot of people have made New Year resolutions and have at some point had to abandon it.

Some have even made these resolutions a thing of imagination, never to be birth to reality but all of this is about to change.


Kindly key into the points below to help conceive, birth, achieve and sustain your yearly resolutions.


Planning comes first on the list because, without a plan, there is never a success.

In this, you plan to make the resolutions and plan to achieve these resolutions. This could be done before or after the New Year but it should be done meticulously, not at the moment but after the ideas have been well thought out.



You are a human and humans have their strengths and weaknesses. Part of growing or maturing is the ability to know where your strength lies. If your New Year’s resolution is to conquer your weakness, look for realistic ways to achieve this.

However, in the event of harnessing your strength to achieve a set goal, write a list, research and find out if the tools to achieving these goals will be accessible. If they wouldn’t be easily accessible, do not relent, try and find out how and plan ahead.

Sometimes, achieving these resolutions may take a while, let the process thrive by trying even if you have failed severally, till you succeed. It is never too late to achieve a goal but it gets too late when one is late. So keep trying.

The scale of preference:

In Economics, this is planning with the most important things ahead of the least important. However, in life, this should be the threshold of owning your own. With reference to Planning, in the earlier part of this article, let your priority take the lead in your New Year resolution. This is important because even if the entire year may not cope with your set ideas, you will find happiness knowing that you have attended to the most important part of your resolutions for the year.

Strength and Weaknesses:

Let this two standout on your list, they’ll be a strong reminder of where your potential lies and what you need to work on to be better. The good thing about highlighting this on your list is that you become more of an action driver than a dreamer. After conceptualizing ideas, this helps you to build them the best way that is suitable for your kind of person.

Share your plans:

This is a risky option but share with friends, families and even acquaintances on social media. If you do not want anyone to know that it is your resolution then present it to them as anonymous. After you must have gathered the information that would help achieve your goals, sit down and calmly go through them, then pick the ones that align with your strength. Do not make a selection of decisions that would pull you back, go for choices that would motivate you daily to achieve these resolutions.


Now, this is for you. Thank yourself for taking baby steps or huge steps. These steps taken would earn you a fulfilling life which reward is happiness. So appreciate yourself. You can reward yourself with gifts like paintings, wall clocks or even a car, to mark your tenacity and focus in achieving your goals. This would self-motivate you to do more and become more.

Monitor your progress:

Be your own watch-dog. Your list is available, the time-frame for achieving your 2021 New Year resolution must be on the list. Check for any defaulters and fix it. Also, check for your growth and embrace yourself. This would also brace you up for your next line of action. Be brave when you have not achieved a plan, re-strategize and…

Do not be hard on yourself:

Failure hits differently but let it make you a better person and not a quitter. You can take a break like you own the world or your world but do not give up on yourself. Remember, this is no track event with any opponent. The goal here is to become the better version of yourself and to be happy. Fight every spirit of pessimism and always uphold a positive spirit. The goal is to…

Work with your plan:

Continue to grow new habits that would help you achieve your plans. Your resolutions would not miraculously come to life if you forget the reasons behind them.

Never Give up:

These resolutions may take years to attain but acknowledge your starting year as the best year ever. Grow, learn, unlearn and relearn. The sky is your starting point.

Keep an outstanding 2021 with fresh and achievable resolutions.

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