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Imo PCC Commissioner S3x Tape Goes Viral (Video)



Imo PCC Commissioner

The s3x tape of Imo state PCC Commissioner, Willy Amadi has leaked.


Jameela News reports that the s3x tape of the PCC Commissioner in Imo State, Willy Amadai has gone viral after it leaked on social media.

In the trending video, the respected Commissioner was seen in a compromising position with two ladies in a place that resembles the government house or office.


The person who shared the video on microblogging site, Twitter, was unable to ascertain who recorded and leaked the shameful 12 secs video.

Commissioner Amadi was captured on a bed making out with the two ladies while recording the raunchy scene with a mirror opposite the bed.

“Imo State PCC Commissioner, Chief Willy Amadi unknowingly or knowingly recorded himself and two ladies who were having s3x in a place that looks like a govt office/house. Very mumuish thing to do. So who leaked the video? Himself or ladies?” the Twitter user captioned the video.


See the s3xtape of Imo PCC Commissioner Willy Amadi in the tweet below…

Leaked s3xtape of Imo Commissioner Willy Amadi

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