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Nyma Akashat-Zibiri Lambasts Couple For Losing Child Over Selfish Interest



Nyma Akashat-Zibiri

Nyma Akashat-Zibiri has lambasted a couple who lost their child over selfish interest.


Jameela News reports that the ladies of TVC Your View breakfast show, including Nyma Akashat-Zibiri, have condemned a woman who lost her child over N25,000 medical bills, despite being N3.6 million rich.

This online new medium learned from a discussion on TVC show, Your View with Morayo Afolabi-Brown and other co-hosts including Nyma Akashat-Zibiri that “the wife said that up until the point when their son died, she had carried most of the financial burden of the household and claimed that her husband was irresponsible towards those burdens. She wanted the man to take accountability for his actions and finally provide for the health and wellness of their child and family.


“She honestly thought her husband would rise to the occasion and never thought the child would eventually die. She maintained that the money in her account is her hard-earned money and that the man had no right to get angry and walk away from the marriage because she did not bring it out.”

Your View

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However, many bloggers have headlined this report with Nyma Akashat-Zibiri, suggesting that the Your View host supported the action of the woman, which the Jameela News team learned from a scoop into the show as false.

Read Nyma Akashat Zibiri’s view, where she lambasted the couple, especially the woman for being “insensitive”:


Nyma “Let me again be upset with this woman for making little the efforts of women who are breadwinners and constantly being abandoned by their spouses and not supported by their husbands.

“I know women who for their entire married lives are breadwinners. I know women who have to feed their husbands along with their children and stay married and make the homework. I know women who every single day when the bills come, don’t have where to look but themselves.

“For her to write this post just at the time when she did it and the child died, in such an insensitive way is to now make such women who maybe one time in their lives, decided to find the strength or bravery to stand up to that man and say if you are not going to do your part in this marriage, maybe there is no marriage or there shouldn’t be one.

“Yes, it is the height of irresponsibility for her husband to always find an excuse because he knows she will meet the bills but then, she didn’t know that this will take the life of the child. I want to say to her that the child was probably destined to die because that is the place that I am now regarding the death of my dad every morning when I wake.

“Yes, no matter what you could have done if a child was destined to go or a person was destined to go, they would go. But to still go ahead to say that you worked for your money is to be insensitive to yourself.

“Life happens, we sometimes have to pay for the decisions that we take or the indecision we also take or the lateness to even reach that decision, we sometimes have to pay but when things like this happen, please shut up, don’t do a post.”

Watch the full video here.

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