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Insecurity Talks – Buhari To Meet US Secretary of State Blinken On Tuesday



insecurity talks
Antony Blinken

Jameela news reports that there will be insecurity talks between Blinken and President Buhari on Tuesday. Antony Blinken who is the United States Secretary of State will be meeting with President Muhammadu Buhari to talk about insecurity issues in the country. Blinken is taking a virtual trip to Africa and on one of these occasions, he will be meeting with President Buhari.


According to Ned Prince, the spokesman of Blinken; the conversation (insecurity talks) will be centered on better governance, security, and more economic ties. Insecurity in recent times has been very worrisome. Issues like banditry, herders-farmers clashes, the insurgency have become very prevalent.

The secretary of state will be in talks with the president of Nigeria alongside Geoffery Onyeama who is the minister of foreign affairs: this is to foster a better relationship between Nigeria and the United States.


Security is one of the things that helps strengthen the relationship between countries, therefore with this forward-thinking conversation, the issue of insecurity will be tackled and ways to build lasting security will be addressed.

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