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Senator Adeyemi Demand Foreign Aid Over Failed Security In Nigeria



Senator Adeyemi
smart adeyemi

Senator Adeyemi who is a sitting senator representing the Kogi west constituency, was almost in tears as he says we need foreign support due to the rising incidence of insecurity in the country.


Jameelanews. ng reports that Senator Adeyemi said this on the floor of the house

“We cannot keep quiet any longer, it has gotten to a point we cannot sleep with our two eyes closed. We are not free, our children are not free. The president must rise to the occasion There is no nation that does not need the support of other nations; as individuals, you cannot say you live the world without other people with you, so we must rise”


“The situation is our security system has collapsed It has failed and because it has failed we need to look for foreign support. It costs Nigeria nothing forget the ego, let’s forget the superiority of Nigeria in African nations; today we are facing serious problems. If our nation is to survive this period, I am not in doubt that the security architecture we have today cannot cope with what we are facing”

“Every part of this country is threatened from the north to the south, nobody is safe. Nobody can travel 50km in our nation. I feel like shedding tears for a country that we grew up in where nobody harasses you when you travel from Lagos to Maiduguri. I have done it in times past, today I cannot travel from Lagos to Kaduna, to niger state where I was born. The president must know that this is a bad time for the nation. We must look for foreign support to save this nation”

See the video of Senator Adeyemi speaking in the Senate chambers


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