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Moroccan Boxer Gets Disqualified For Attempting To Eat Opponents Ear



Moroccan Boxer

Moroccan Boxer Gets Disqualified For Attempting To Eat Opponents Ear.


Jameela News reports that a Moroccan boxer, Youness Balla nearly bit off the ear of his New Zealand’s opponent, David Nyika at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics tournament.

Youness Baalla, attempted the popular ’97 Mike Tyson bite after falling behind points against his opponent in his heavyweight bout on Tuesday, July 27.


This online news medium learned from UK Metro that the Moroccan was captured moving his head towards Nyika and tried to bite his ear, however, Nyika escaped the disaster after he pulled away.

Meanwhile, it was gathered that Baalla had been initially cautioned by the Sri Lankan referee, Nelka Shiromala Thampi for grabbing the Newzealand boxer who kept his cool during the fight.

Nyika still won the contest in a unanimous decision while Bala was later disqualified after officials pointed out that he deliberately intended to bite the ear and face of his opponent.


After Nyika was declared a winner he laughed off the incident but aired his disappointment against the action of his opponent.

The New Zealander told 1News that, “He didn’t get a full mouthful.

“Luckily he had his mouthguard in, and I was a bit sweaty, but come on man, this is the Olympics, get your s**t together.”

Jameela News understands that this was not the first time Nyika would be faced by an opponent who aimed at getting a mouthful of his flesh.

During the 2018 Commonwealth Games, Yakita Aska of Antigua attempted to bite the champion on the chest during their fight.

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