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Nigerian Striker Collapses In French League




Nigerian Striker Collapses In French League.


Bordeaux striker and Nigerian homeboy, Samuel Kalu collapsed on the pitch in a French Ligue 1 game at Marseille on Sunday.

Jameela News reports that the 23-year-old Nigerian international fainted and slumped to the Stade Velodrome surface in the early stages of the match.


Worried teammates gathered around the stricken Kalu and frantically waved their hands to the bench to summon medical help.

After a few heart-stopping moments, Kalu managed to stand up but was substituted and replaced by Remi Oudin.

“Kalu’s incident gave us chills. It’s always a bit shocking for spectators and players on the pitch,” said Oudin who went on to score in the 2-2 draw.


“With what happened with Eriksen at the Euros, we think about it. Everyone got a little scared. Fortunately, it ended well.

“According to the doctors, it’s a simple discomfort but he will certainly be undergoing tests on Monday.

Bordeaux coach, Vladimir Petkovic disclosed “ I was thinking about what happened during the Euro,”

“With the medical team, we chose to replace him so as not to take any risks. In these cases, football takes a back seat.”

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