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NASCO Group Sponsoring Terrorism In Nigeria? What You Need To Know




Nasco Group has been pointed out to be sponsoring terrorism in Nigeria. Social media has gone agog with this claim, check out this and more on what you need to know about this claim.


Jameela News reports that a freelance investigative journalist, David Hundeyin, had published a finding that the late NASCO boss, alongside some other prominent northern figures, was allegedly financing some regional terrorism, including Boko Haram.

However, the management of NASCO Group Nigeria has reacted to an investigative report linking its founder to terrorism sponsorship.


In a statement issued on Tuesday, the group said the United Nations Security Council already exonerated Ahmed Nasreddin, the company’s late founder, and his businesses from such allegations.

The firm described the report by Nigerian journalist, David Hundeyin, as false, adding that the United States government and the National Intelligence Agency cleared Nasreddin of any wrongdoing concerning the allegation.

“The Management of NASCO Group Nigeria notes the defamatory and slanderous contents of an online article currently being circulated on social media about our business. We state categorically that we have never, and will never be sponsors of any criminal act, organisation, or violence of any kind that will disrupt the peace and tranquillity of the Nigerian state or any country in the world.


“After the unfortunate events of 2001, thousands of people and entities around the world were subjected to various investigations. A detailed examination by the United Nations Security Council and the US Government totally exonerated NASCO’s late founder, Dr Ahmed Nasreddin, and his business interest of all false allegations.

“It was clearly established that NASCO was never at any time associated with the sponsorship of terrorism directly or indirectly anywhere in the world (References United Nations Security Council Resolution SC 9172 dated 15 November 2007 & United Nations Security Council Resolution S/2008/25 dated 17 January 2008).

As reported by Sahara Reports, Nasco Group exonerates herself from this supposed allegation by the Nigerian Journalist

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