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Sad! See How Bob-Oseni Got Trapped In 21-Storey Building Collapse




Executive Director of African Bureau for Legislative Empowerment, Wale Bob-Oseni who was on his way to the US on Monday, branched the Ikoyi building site and has ended up under the rubble.


Jameela News reports that the owner of Fourscore Homes, Femi Osibona, had invited Oseni to check out the ongoing development at Gerard Road, Ikoyi, Lagos State, Southwest Nigeria.

See How Bob-Oseni Got Trapped In The 21-Storey Building Collapse

Bob-Oseni who is also a real estate dealer was on his way to the airport, before stopping by to see the 21-storey building being developed by his friend and associate.


The 21-storey building under construction collapsed with Bob-Oseni and Osibona inside, and both are now presumed dead after 48 hours of rescue efforts.

As reported by The Cable Former Presidential Candidate and Publisher, Dele Momodu, who was close to both of them, said that both men were his “aburos” – an affectionate term for younger friends.

Momodu on a phone conversation said, “Wale was on his way to the US… this is so tragic.”


Also, a man believed to be Bob-Oseni’s driver was seen crying in a video that went viral some minutes after the collapse.

The driver who was in tears said, “He was heading to America. I want to go and drop him at the airport.”

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