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Police Clash With Tricycle Riders In Lagos, Kill Three Over N100




Men of the state police command, Meiran, Lagos State clashed with some tricycle operators in the area left no fewer than three persons dead.


Jameela News reports that trouble started when a yet-to-be-identified officer allegedly stabbed a tricycle operator, identified only as Eleyele, to death for refusing his demand for N100.

Angered by the development, the victim’s colleagues ran after the policeman, who fled the scene.


After the cop escaped, the protesting crowd carried the victim’s remains to the front of the Meiran Division, where it was deposited.

The tricycle operators were said to be protesting the death when they attacked the station with bottles and stones.

The mob reportedly attempted to set the station ablaze, but the policemen allegedly dispersed them with bullets and tear gas canisters.


As reported by The PUNCH, a resident, who gave his name only as Yusuf, said the traffic policeman stabbed the victim in the chest, adding that the attack was unprovoked.

Eyewitness Reports On The Police and Tricycle Riders Clash

He said, “The incident happened around 9 am. The tricyclist was going to a destination when the traffic official stopped him and demanded N100. He told the officer that he just started work and did not have the money. We don’t know if they had an argument, but the officer suddenly brought out a knife and stabbed the operator in the chest. The man died on the spot.

“Immediately, we attempted to apprehend the officer, but it was the same knife he used in attacking us till he escaped.

“So, we carried the victim’s corpse to the station, but the policemen fired bullets and tear gas at us.

“Two months ago, a tricycle operator was killed, but we will not accept this one. The police have arrested a lot of us protesting Eleyele’s death. They put some of the arrested victims in a Black Maria and patrol vehicles. The tricycle leader in our area, known as Istijaba, intervened and told us to settle the matter and we agreed. But the police suddenly opened fire on us again.”

Other eyewitnesses told The PUNCH and gave a  recount of the chaotic situation

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